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The warrant division is located at 320 W 4th St. Sioux Falls SD 57104.   This is the Law Enforcement Center second floor.  The warrants are kept at the Minnehaha County Jail. 


Know Your Neighbor - Search Minnehaha County Warrants at GotWarrants.orgThe Minnehaha County Warrant Division is also a part of the Sioux Falls Joint Area Fugitive Task Force which is comprised of the following:


Minnehaha County Sheriff's Department, The United States Marshal Service, Lincoln County Sheriff's Department, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, and the South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation have combined to form the Sioux Falls Area Joint Fugitive Task Force. The Mission of the Task Force is to conduct investigations and arrest local, state and federal fugitives with outstanding warrants for drugs and crimes of violence.



What is a warrant?


A warrant is a process to get someone into court. It is usually generated for one of two reasons. 

1.  An arrest warrant is issued as the result of an investigation in a criminal case.
2.  A bench warrant is usually issued by a judge for either failing to appear as promised or failing to pay a fine.


Bonds are required on all warrants to insure court appearance and can range from a No Bond, Cash only, Cash/ Surety or PR.


No bond- You will have to appear in front a Judge who will set the bond. 


Cash only-  Just as it reads “cash only”.


Cash / Surety -  You will be able post a bond through a Bail Bondsman.  The Bondsman
charges you a fee and will post the bond for you.   There are several bonding companies in Sioux Falls.  Check the yellow pages under Bail Bonds or Bondsman.


PR or Personal Recognizance-   You do not have to post any money.  You will be processed through booking and released on

your own with a court date. 



How do I take care of my warrant?


Contact the Minnehaha County Sheriff's Office (605) 367-4300 during regular business hours.  After hours call the Minnehaha County Jail at (605) 367-4321.  The options to take care of a warrant can vary depending on what type of warrant it is.  If you are advised to pay, please go to the the county jail information desk, which is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


* Warrants entered before 01/2009 do not have the $25 warrant fee included. Please add this amount to your Bond Amount. To view the bond amount click here.




How do I provide information about someone with a warrant?


During business hours you can call: (605) 367-4268 or (605) 367-4300. 

After hours phone number non emergency is: (605) 367-7000.
Crime Stoppers: (605) 367-7007

You can email your information here.


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